Getting Right to the Heart

Heart of HR Shared Services is passionate and focused on the diverse HR needs of small to midsized businesses. Don’t risk productivity and profits. Stay centered on what you and your team do best.

The HR Therapist is in and ready to get “Right to the Heart of Your HR Solutions”.

Functional Areas

  • Small Business HR Audit (less than 15 employees)
  • HR Audit (over 15 employees)
  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Confidential Resource
  • Strategic Business Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Building Diverse & Accountable High Performance Cultures
  • Job Analysis | Interview Matrix
  • Training/Interviewing for Top Employees
  • System Constraint Identification & Elimination
  • Employee Handbooks & Compliance
  • Health, Safety & Security (OSHA, Risk Management)
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Performance Coaching | Metrics
  • Training/Webinars
  • Effective Termination Coaching
  • Termination Witness

Services Offered

  • Special Retainer Services (less than 15 employees)
  • Comprehensive Services – Retainer (over 15 employees)
  • Project
  • Hourly Ad Hoc